Get comfortable being uncomfortable

Our Mission

Collaborating on Dialogue and Equity – CODE – is a research consulting team focused on delivering interdisciplinary data-informed roadmaps to guide strategic decision-making with a strong emphasis on vulnerability, empathy, equity, humor, and belonging.

Focusing on disrupting and dismantling systemic inequities, we offer expert data collection and analysis, combined with hands-on interactive workshops, to help your organization become strategically aligned with equity-based decision-making. Let us help you…

  • Understand your internal and/or external equity gaps
  • Increase market share within underserved markets
  • Create and sustain a more inclusive and equitable workplace and brand image
  • Capture the needs of the global majority in order to help curate strategic and equity-minded decisions with meaningful data

Don’t let difficult conversations hinder progress. Let us empower your organization to embrace challenges, foster understanding, and drive positive change.

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